Our Courses

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is our specialty with two spectacular courses. Our main course,  has over 60 shooting sites to place the 15 stations so we are always offering a fresh look as well as new target presentations.  The 58 foot multi-floor tower that has traps on many different levels but we really like sending targets off the top and is what a lot of our guest remember us for.  We also utilize a 36 foot and a 30 foot mobile tower along with two 12 foot mobile towers, we really like to make the targets fly.  Besides these towers to launch targets from we also have a mobile elevated shooting deck that is moved around the entire property to give you a different view of the targets.  We have several permanent elevated stands that overlook the Missouri River bluff and the large wide valley.  These elevated stands give many opportunities for a variety of target presentations even before we add the variety of targets that can be thrown when we add a mobile tower.  

Our Clubhouse course is a seven station course located just outside of the main club house. This  course is usually set up with less challenging target presentations and is good for our friends who are just learning to shoot or for someone who does not have enough time to shoot the main course.    

River Hills has all automatic traps which includes; midis, minis, rabbits and chondels. Since we are fully automatic you and your shooting buddy can throw for each other while keeping a pace that suite you without waiting for a trapper.

Shooting Sporting Clays can be a family event so remember to include the kids.  With the course being fully automatic, even if the don't shoot children of the shooter can be part of the fun by pushing the buttons to throw the targets.  Frequently we are asked if we have an age limit or when can a child start shooting, we do not have an age limit, but children must be supervised.  As a good rule of thumb young shooters will enjoy the sport more if they are around 10 years of age, or 100 pounds and have a real desire to shoot. 

Remember since Sporting Clays was developed to simulate hunting situations quail, pheasant, duck and dove it is a perfect fit for hunters come out to stay tuned up for the hunting seasons. 


Our 5-Stand is located off the beaten path down in the woods on a 70-foot deck.  With one trap on top of the 20 foot tower behind the deck and 5 others in front  we create some very interesting target presentations.  Combine this with shooting under the lights, that's right it is lit, and 5-Stand will entertain you for hours.






What can we say? Skeet and Trap are, well Skeet and Trap.  They are official size with full concrete paths and lit for night shooting.