Wednesday Night League

The weekly 50 target Leagues at River Hills are very informal. Wednesday nights are the main league night however f you can not make Wednesday nights you can make it up anytime we are open during the next 7 days. The cost is $20 per week.

Normally most shooters will arrive between 3:30 to 5:30. The club provdies appetizers, usually set out around 6:30, which league members can enjoy while socializing on the Clubhouse deck after a fun round of shooting.

If you have other shooters with you, you do not need to keep to these hours. If you do not have anyone to shoot with, coming between 3:30 and 5:30 will make it easier for you to find someone to shoot with. 

The league is usually 5 or 6 weeks. The lowest score will be thrown out so if you miss a week you will still be in the numbers. The league is based on individual scores so if you can not make a week you do not have to worry about getting a substitute or letting your teammate down.

The league is only as competitive as you make it. There are some shooters who are concerned about where they end up, while other shooters are out here simply for a fun evening shooting and the socialization afterward.

Prizes are given out by Lewis Class. Lewis class is where the winners are based on where your score falls. If there is 3 Lewis class the top score is 1A, the score that is 1/3 down is 1 B, and the score that is 2/3rd down the score sheet will win 1C. So except for the top shooter winners of the next two class is by pure luck.

NEW! 100 Target Weekend League

Our weekend league will be 100 targets and cost $50 per week or $270 if you pay for all 6 weeks up front ($30 savings).  We set this league up mainly for our out of town shooters that just can't drive 2 or more hours for a week night 50 target shoot, but of course we invite our local folks as well! 

The targets will be set on Friday when we are closed and can be shot anytime before the following Wednesday.

Just like our 50 target league only the highest 5 scores count so if you miss a week no big deal. 

All of our leagues are very informal, prizes will be awarded by Lewis class with each class having roughly 15 shooters in it.

Unlike our Wednesday night league, since there is no formal time to shoot, it is not possible for the club to provide appitizers but at River Hills you are always welcome to bring any "refreshments" you like and enjoy them on our deck after a fun round of shooting.